Longest Pinhole Exposure Ever Is Also Most Beautiful

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I love pinhole photography. The fact that people will take a gamble on a piece of film for months—or even years—strikes me as almost romantic, like a time capsule. This longest-ever exposure shows 34months of New York life.


It was captured by the German artist Michael Wesely, who worked with New York's Museum of Modern Art to photograph the destruction (and subsequent construction) of their building. The shots are ever so ghostly, and are such a terrific souvenir of the MoMA's heritage. Take a look at the gallery below for more of his work, and if you are already considering pressing "cmd p" on them, why not buy his book instead? [Michael Wesely via Itchyi via Dudecraft via Neatorama]


Huh, I don't think I've ever seen a photograph that I'd describe as "exhilarating" before, but that's pretty much what I feel when I look at that shot. So much motion and life is captured that it's almost impossible to look at without getting almost sucked in.

Man, I wish I knew more about photography - all the photo contests and such are why I started reading Giz in the first place, but I still don't want to shell out the cash for a good camera.