Look Out Facebook: Friendster Is BACK!!!

Guys, Facebook is so last week. You know what the new hotness is? Friendster! Hey, stop laughing!

Yes, Friendster is prepping for a big ol' relaunch tomorrow, using a brand new logo and a new slogan, "Connecting Smiles." Hoo boy.


Apparently, they're trying to make it more customizable than Facebook. So...like MySpace? Based on the above video, it looks exactly like Facebook, just with customizable skins and backgrounds, like MySpace. Oh, and it's aimed pretty hard at Asians, as Asia is the only place where the Friendster brand has any cachet these days, apparently.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm deleting my Facebook account tonight in anticipation. I hope all my friends will be waiting for me at Friendster! With any luck, they were too lazy to delete their accounts back when Friendster became totally irrelevant years ago. [Friendster via TechCrunch]

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