Looks Like Someone Hid a Weed Joke on Home Depot's Website

Screenshot: Home Depot

If you’re shopping for a “garden and kitchen scale with 0.5 gram precision weighing technology,” you might be a drug dealer. And evidently some joker at Home Depot knows this. Buried in the website’s listing for such an item, there are a bunch of pictures that appear to show what appears to be a pile of weed on the scale.

Ben Kling, a contributor at Clickhole, spotted the issue today. He asked in a tweet:


It’s weed, Ben. Just kidding, it actually appears to be seasoned kale chips arranged in such a way that anybody who knew what crispy nugs look like at a distance would identify that food on the scale as premium kush. But really, it’s probably kale.

At the time of this posting, the images of weed (but really kale) were still up on Home Depot’s website. Hilariously, the plant does not appear when you first visit the listing for the “Ozeri garden and kitchen scale with 0.5 gram precision weighing technology,” but if you click over to the green color option you’ll see it. It also shows up on the other colors.


Also, don’t forget, kids: weed is illegal (even in states where it’s not). And according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, “Good people don’t smoke weed.” This is still a funny way to sell a scale, though. Here’s to you, anonymous Home Depot stoner with a sense of humor. You are good.


[Thanks Ben!]

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