Lost Star Makes Self-Loathing Into Career Suicide

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If you've become disappointed with ABC's Lost to the point where you've stopped watching the show, then take some small level of comfort in the fact that you're not alone; even one of the show's stars has been driven away from the series, and he can even remember at exactly what point he decided that he realized that he could never watch another episode. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. Charles Widmore himself, Alan Dale.Talking to Digital Spy about his ongoing role in the mysterious island drama, Dale admitted that he was given very little information about who Widmore was, or how important he would be to the show's mythology, when he first started on the show:

I think [Charles Widmore] is more involved in the show than even I realise... From the initial scenes I did with Henry Ian Cusick, the lines would indicate to me that he's a rich, powerful arsehole! That's what I think he probably is, so I just use that basic colouring and work from there. The [producers] don't tell anyone what's going on because the show has a lot of nutcase fans, and people could get a lot of money if they sell the storylines online. So they protect themselves by telling nobody.


So does that mean he knows nothing about what's coming up?

Truthfully, no. I know as much as anyone else, but I don't even know as much as you because I got sick of it. It went through a lull in scripts in the third season. At that point I felt like I had watched them wandering in a line through the forests a bit sweaty for the 1000th time. I thought 'I can't watch this anymore'. Then out of the bushes came a black cloud, which grabbed a black man and threw him to the ground, and I thought 'I definitely can't watch this anymore.'

While I'm a big fan of Dale's honesty, I can't help but wonder how much longer he's going to stay with the show if he keeps making comments like that... The Island won't always need you alive, after all, Mr. Widmore. Alan Dale Talks Lost, Grey's [Digital Spy]



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