Lost's Terry O'Quinn reveals new evidence of Atlantis, in two exclusive clips from Sunday's Curiosity!

Terry O'Quinn just can't stop investigating the fate of mysterious islands. He's addicted. This time around, O'Quinn's digging into the question of what happened to Atlantis, in a new episode of the Discovery Channel's Curiosity airing Sunday. And we've got two exclusive clips!


In the clip above, he asks whether Atlantis was even real, or just a legend. (And the snippets of dramatization of Atlantean life and culture really make the whole thing worthwhile. The Atlanteans poured honey on their faces and jumped over bulls.) And there are two stunning new discoveries that make the drowned city seem more likely to have existed after all.

And here's a clip where O'Quinn talks about the "stunning explosion" that may have claimed Atlantis:

Here's the blurb about the episode:

The legendary city of Atlantis was described by Plato about 2,600 years ago, but was it real and if so, where is it now? As with any mystery, there are plenty of theories about what happened to the city and where it might show up. What do you think?

Curiosity airs Sunday at 8 on Discovery. Check out more information here. [Discovery]



Do people understand that Plato created Atlantis as an allegorical myth? It was never real and it never meant to be.