Lovers' Quarrels Should Not End In Naked Sword Fights

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A Florida man got into a particularly nasty fight with his live-in girlfriend earlier this week. This was clearly the final straw, because, after a quick shower, he got two swords out and challenged her to a duel. A break up fight to the death??


The gentleman in question, 36-year-old defense attorney Terry Lee Locy, got into the spat after his girlfriend got upset about his "excessive drinking." Ah, now it all becomes so clear. A naked Locy stepped out of the shower and handed his lady a sword. As it's the right thing to do. He then came back with a bigger sword and proclaimed, "I'm going to kill you." Naturally, his girlfriend must have went "Fuck this!" and made for the phone. After a hard fight, she managed to call 911. Locy then ran off, still naked and sword in hand in broad daylight. The police picked him up the next day. What happened that whole time he was missing is unclear. I guess no one wants to talk about it?

This all sounds like a cross between a bad Kung-Fu parody and that scene from Mad Max 3. You know, where they chant "Two men enter! One man leaves!" Except this involved a woman and a crazy, possibly drunk naked guy with a hard-on for bladed weapons. [Florida Today via Orlando Sentinel]

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Of course it's starts with "a Florida man". I'm really tired of seeing that, considering I live in FL. Effin poop.