Aliens fans will recognize this gun. In the original movie, the M41-A fired 45 caliber bullets, 12 gauge shot gun rounds and mini grenades. Apparently the prop wasn't just the product of sci-fi movie magic, but of real, current (80s) technologies. That's why one totally enlightened loony guy spent 18 months and $1,000 building an M41 of his own.

The parts are difficult to find. Remaining true to the original prop construction, and remaining within the guidlines of the US law, I decided to go with as many real gun parts as possible.


Good call. And even though he promised to have deactivated the gun, we're sure there is a small patch of forest in Canada where it seems a bus-sized asteroid attacked with fury.

I'm generally a pacifist, but should robots or aliens ever decide to enslave Man I'll be glad to have this link bookmarked.

Project Page [via gearfuse]