M500 GSM/MP3/MP4 Cellphone Watch, In Action

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We've told you about the ubercool M500 cellphone watch by SMS Technology before, but we were always a little wary of how its advanced functions like text messaging worked with the M500's miniature touchscreen. Hit the jump for a full video. Skip the first minute or so of the vid, and then prepare to fall in love with gadgets all over again (or to flame the device in the comments, your prerogative).


We'll lose that mini stylus about one minute into operation, but we don't care. Practicality is way overrated.

[product via newlaunches]


I've been watching the M500 user forum at; [www.m500.org] and the users there have ALLOT to say about the device and the companies selling it! There are also quite a few pictures and some videos on it too! :)