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A HDMI port has been rumored to be replacing the DVI port on the Mac Mini for some time now, but AppleInsider is reporting they've heard from four different sources claiming recent shortages are getting closer to a release date.


It figures that Apple will replace the DVI port for HDMI, with a new NVIDIA MCP89 chipset also expected to be on the cards. The story goes that one of the sources AppleInsider heard from, a buyer at a school, was initially told his bulk Mac Mini order would be delivered in 1 - 3 business days—however that was pushed back to June 14th. According to the buyer, "every time this has happened in years past, it means that the item we ordered would be revised."


Moral of the story is—hold of on buying a Mac Mini, if you've been considering one. They last updated it October 2009, so a June release date sounds a little early, admittedly. If you're still not sold on a Mac Mini, this round-up of home theater PCs might just solve some problems. [AppleInsider]

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