MacBook Air Drives All Those Fatty Laptops to Diet, Exercise, Oprah

Aw, PC, don't get that look on your face. You're not fat, you're just well-built. Just because the MacBook Air is incredibly thin and sexy doesn't mean I love you any less. I mean, you've got so much more personality! You've got things like a built-in Ethernet, optical drive, removeable battery AND user-upgradeable RAM and hard drive. That slinky little bitch doesn't have any of that. You don't have to put yourself through this. Come on, turn off the Oprah, let's make a nice sandwich. [via Cult of Mac]


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why is it that no one understands what the macbook air announcement really is? The computer itself was not the important point. This is what Steve Jobs really was saying:

"after 5+ years of using pretty much the same computer design that we pioneered with the ti-book, apple is pleased to announce a whole new, very different, very sexy design template that we plan to use for our computers for the next half decade. Oh by the way, here's one of them."

This announcement is enormous. Design is apple's lifeblood. Not the os, not anything else. Announcing a new design after 5 years of using the old one is sending out the message that apple won't give an inch as PC industrial designers are finally trying to catch up.