Mad Catz Wiimote: Feels Like the Real Thing, for $10 Less

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We've seen Nyko's Wand, but now Mad Catz has become the second peripheral manufacturer to clone the Wiimote. And just holding it in my hands, I could tell it has promise.

Bear in mind, I didn't play a game with the controller, but I did push the buttons, etc. The A button feels perfect, just like the Wiimote. The B button trigger is a bit digital for my taste, lacking the Wiimote's fulfilling trigger pull. The other buttons? They definitely feel one tier cheaper than the Wiimote. But how often are you using 1 or 2 in gameplay anyway?


Configured with the exact dimensions of Nintendo's Wiimote (the Nyko Wand is ever so slightly fudged), Mad Catz' "Remote For Nintendo Wii" feels indistinguishable in size and weight from the real Wiimote. It's also all white (or clad in a few other colors), making it a bit less patriotic than Nyko's red, white and blue Wand.

I'll save final judgment for a gaming hands-on, but what Mad Catz' Wiimote lacks in fancy tech (like Nyko's Trans-Port button mapping), it makes up for in compatibility. Mad Catz guarantees that their Wiimote will fit in the sleeves of normal Wiimotes. And it should be ready for Wii MotionPlus, too. Look for them this June at the price of $30. Matching "Z-Chuks" will run $15 a pop. [Mad Catz]