Magic Massage Bra Enlarges Breasts

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Oh Pangao, you got me at "Enlarge female's breast obviously: Pangao breast enhancer can stimulate female's breast, accelerate blood circulation and activate cell renewal and hormone secretion through physical massage with forceful vibration balls inside." YES!

According to the company, this "micro-computerized, low-voltage, intensity adjustable" Magic Massage Bra will do all these things:

• Make breast up.
• Dredge breast glands.
• Eliminate blood stasis.
• Effectively prevent women from breasts diseases and flaccid
• Also can move fat and make a well-shaped figure.
• If use it often, you can have a sound sleep, immunity from disease and better internal


Whatever all that pseudoscientific crap means, don't buy this snake oil. If you are a woman, get a magnetic bra or a bra booster instead and call the boyscouts for your breast massages. [Alibaba via Nerd Approved]