Magic Volcanic Face Spray Blocks Cell Phone Radiation

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Crazy French skin care company, Clarins Paris, will release a Spray in January that will protect us all from the electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by cell phones and laptops.


The spray is made up of microorganisms found on plants near undersea volcanoes. The logic seems to be that the microorganisms that are found on the plants have developed ways to protect the plants from the harmful radiation put out by the undersea volcanoes. Therefore if we coat ourselves with the same junk we will benefit in the same way. No word on price, but please don't buy this.

Facial spray to protect skin from cell phone radiation []



I remember when we used to play Shadowrun. In Shadowrun, mages could project themselves into the astral plane and go wandering around invisible and incorporeal.

But the rule was: even in the astral plane, you can't walk through something that's alive.

So, our shadowrunners would load up on something very much like this: "moss spray", we call it. Moss-in-a-can. Whenever we wanted to be sure of privacy from magical interests, we would go to some room, and spray this moss on the walls. Instant astral spy barrier!