MagSafe Burning Not Isolated?

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Remember the MagSafe connector on the MacBookPro catching on fire? Some people thought it could have been a result of the guy's cats either clawing or peeing on the connector. Well, it may not have been an isolated incident.


Another user claimed on the Bit-Tech Forums that he was using his MBP in bed, smelled something funny, looked down and the power cable was burning/melting right in his lap! Luckily he was using it at the time and not out of the house, or else Apple may have a very large lawsuit on their hands.

Original Picture [via Bit-Tech Forums via iBloggedThis]



I think the problem with the cable is that the outer wiry layer which is made up of little pieces of really think wires becomes easily frayed over time, and it is this that burns out. I repaired my cable with stuff I found around the office, some scissors to strip the cable, I pulled out a length of similar wire from an old mouse I had lying around and used that to cover the gap in the segmented wiry stuff. I just wound it around fairly densely. Then I used some black masking tape to cover the whole lot again. I doubt it's even insulation tape. I might get some later. It now works fine.