If you follow any number of Silicon Valley insiders on Twitter, you might have seen them blathering on about a new email app called Mailbox for iPhone. Mailbox is an interesting take on the inbox. It forces new user behavior, which might not necessarily be a bad thing but having used it over the last few days I can assure you that change is not easy.

Nevertheless, it's been a popular must-have and now you can reserve a spot in line to get the free app when it launches in "a few weeks." Want it? Sign up here. You'll then be sent an SMS with your reservation number, as well as a code, which you'll need to claim your spot in line when the app is ready to roll. Your spot in line will look something like this:


Mailbox only works with the iPhone and Gmail/Google accounts at the moment. Support for other devices and services will become available sometime in the future or maybe never. For now, Mailbox will be free but the company says it will offer premium features ala Evernote and Dropbox at some point. Watch the video demo for a better understanding of what Mailbox does. (I'm still trying to figure it out.)

Basically, by swiping quickly or slowly, you can delete emails or "snooze" certain messages for viewing later in the day or even next week. From what I can glean it's meant to help you get your inbox to zero as quickly as possible by organizing your inbox based on when you want to address certain emails. But I've only had it for a few days and still learning its ways. Look for something more in depth down the road.