Maingear Prelude 2: 3D Vision Gaming PC in a Box

I still have serious doubts about 3D PC gaming actually taking off, but Maingear's Nvidia-powered Prelude 2 3D gaming rig neatly bundles everything you need into a $2000 package.

For two grand, I'd like the specs on the PC itself to be a little beefier—a step above the default GeForce 9800 GT, at least 320GB hard drive and 64-bit Windows—but you're paying for convenience of a pre-built 3D gaming setup. It's based on Nvidia's GeForce 3D Vision (which uses rapid-blinking LCD shutter tech) and comes with a 22-inch Samsung LCD monitor, and the Core i7-powered guts are in a decent, though not amazing, Lian-Li case.


Is it worth it? Well, 3D Left 4 Dead is pee-in-your-pants awesome, but you could always build your PC and just buy the $199 GeForce 3D Vision gear. [Maingear]


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