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M3i Industries has a new product that merges two of our favorite things: guitars and lasers. And this new pickup system has the ability to record the pitch of string before your pick has even hit it. What more could your want?

This way this Laser Pitch Detection (LPD) Pickup system works is ingenious. A set of laser diodes are installed on the bridge of your guitar and each string has its own laser beam that extends across the fretboard. The system detects where you finger hits each string, measures the length of the laser beam and calculates the pitch of the string.


The pickup system sends this information to a computer or gaming console where it's converted into a MIDI signal or used as a souped-up controller for a rocking game of Guitar Hero. M3i Industries hopes to have the LPD system ready for production in 2012. [M3i Technologies via Gizmag]

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