Make Impressive Pixel Art With Just a Google Spreadsheet

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Pixel art, the digital equivalent to old-school pointillism, can be an incredibly tedious to make if you don’t know how. That’s why coder Amit Agarwal’s new Google Sheets trick is so impressive. It allows you to take any 300x300 image and turn it into an in-browser masterpiece.

Click here to copy Agarwal’s Google Doc file, and the rest is incredibly simple. Just upload a photo, hide the gridlines, and resize the cells. The instructions are all conveniently laid out in Agarwal’s 5-minute video.

It’s not the only way to make pixel art, but it’s definitely one of the cleverest.

[Amit Agarwal via The Next Web]

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Neat. It also illustrates how easy it is to hide messages or other data in an image. For example, you could say that the last (least significant) bit of the first thousand pixels contains the message. The image would look the same; those pixels would be one thirty-two-thousandth the wrong shade of the color—unnoticeable. Called steganography, this technique hides even the fact that a message has been sent.