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Make Jordan Peterson Say Anything You Want With This Spooky Audio Generator

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: YouTube

People are really freaking out about deepfake videos, the technology that can make people say things they never actually said. But what about deepfake audio? Audio spoofing has gotten very good, and there’s no better example than this website which lets you say anything you want in the voice of self-help guru and Canadian professor Jordan B. Peterson.

First spotted by The Next Web, the audio spoofing website is called NotJordanPeterson and you can make it say virtually anything you want in 280 characters or fewer. The site uses a neural network to produce the audio and it sounds so much like Jordan Peterson that it’s downright spooky.


Peterson is a popular figure on the political right and actually has a handful of common sense messages in his repertoire, like “clean your room” and “pet a cat when you encounter one on the street.” Seriously that cat one is number 12 in his book. Unfortunately, he also has some really batshit theories about DNA, says white privilege isn’t real, and doesn’t believe in respecting gender-neutral pronouns.

In short, Peterson believes that white men are the real victims in today’s society. And nobody ever went broke telling white men like myself that they’re the ones who are really being oppressed.


In the spirit of making Jordan Peterson say things that he’d never say, here’s the Canadian professor reading some passages from Valerie Solanas, the notorious feminist author who wrote the SCUM Manifesto, an explicitly anti-capitalist, anti-male text.

Without further ado, we present to you, Jordan B. Solanas.


You don’t say, Mr. Peterson? Well, I never. *clutches pearls and faints*

Okay, one more for good measure.


But seriously, this dude is not a bright man and you shouldn’t listen to him. I totally get why some kids are into him right now—he’s constantly DESTROYING people on YouTube. But it’s a pretty sad act, and it’s not very nice. Addressing people by their preferred pronouns isn’t some huge burden. It’s just fucking courteous, you asshole.


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