Make sure your cat watches this anti-drug PSA on the dangers of catnip

Is your cat in danger of developing catnip psychosis? Are they strung out on the 'nip? Chasing the green dragon? Sit your feline friend down in front of Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?, a trippy parody of anti-drug filmstrips, and then have a serious discussion about their catnip habit.


Written and directed Jason Willis, this is one of the films playing Sundance's Short Film Program this year. You can see 11 of the other Sundance shorts on the Screening Room YouTube channel.

[via /Film]


Cat VonAwesome

The wildly varying responses is very true. Every cat I've had (many over the years) has responded differently. One of them did the catatonic state thing. He would like so still for so long that I'd check him to make sure he was breathing.