Here is the most fun way to make bread: Prepare a massive pile of dough, brightly colored with natural dyes; cut off a small section and flatten it out; place that pizza-like sheet on top of an industrial-strength blower and watch it inflate into a toasty, instantly edible balloon.

Blow Dough was the brainchild of designer Omer Polak, who created the one-day installation as part of Jerusalem Design Week earlier this year. The project was intended as a kind of homage to the ubiquity of bread in the city, which takes tons of different forms—from pita to bagel—in small street food stands.

Here, guests were given the opportunity to craft their own unconventional carb bulbs in a space that looks like a hybrid mad scientist lab, futuristic factory, and experimental test kitchen.

Fresh veggie juices—think beet and spinach—were used in place of water while making the dough, which gave each batch a bold hue, then individual chefs were allowed to add their own dash of herbs and spices for a personal touch.

Every wooden workstation had a hole in the surface with an industrial-strength blower beneath. After setting the blob on top and securing it with a metal sheet, the power was switched on and a burst of 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit air would embiggen the bread and cook it at the same time. Brilliant.

I only wish the vid was in smell-o-vision. [The Fox is Black]