Man Gets Life in Prison For Killing Wife Who Changed Facebook Status to 'Single'

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Edward Richardson, douche bag, got what he deserved this week when a jury of his peers convicted him of murdering wife Sarah Richardson, after she changed her Facebook status from "married" to "single."

Richardson received a life sentence for stabbing his estranged wife to death last May. She was living at her parent's home at the time following a falling out. When she later changed her status to "single," Richardson broke in and killed her. Later, he tried and failed to kill himself.

This is the third U.K.-based Facebook murder story to happen in the past year.

As ComputerWeekly reports, last year in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, "a man murdered his wife and then killed himself after she told visitors to her Facebook page that she was splitting up with him." In October, a Croydon, Surrey, man murdered his wife when she also changed her status to single. Somehow I don't think it's Facebook that's to blame in these cases, as they'd probably play out the same way, sadly, regardless of the method use to break off the marriage. [ComputerWeekly - Thanks, Matt!]

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If you're reading this, and then maybe you have a friend, or you know someone, who is being abused by their partner, and you wonder why she stays with that jerk - this is why. When women are murdered by their intimate partners it's about three times likely that they were estranged when it happened.

Women stay with abusive jerks because they're afraid for their lives. They have every reason to be.