Man Learns the Hard Way That Selling Meth on a Dating App Is a Bad Idea

Image: Shutterstock
Image: Shutterstock

Here’s a PSA for anyone who was thinking about selling meth on a dating app: Don’t do it!

According to DNAInfo, 55-year-old Harold Gondrez Jr. was arrested on July 21st after police found a “large quantity” of methamphetamine and cocaine in his Manhattan apartment. Officers were tipped off by Gondrez Jr.’s activity on the dating app Grindr, where he used “coded language that the undercover officer recognized as a possible advertisement for drugs,” a law enforcement source said.

When they searched his apartment, cops discovered five bags of cocaine, seven bags of meth, and $4,000 in cash, among other accouterments. He was also busted for selling over half an ounce of meth to undercover cops, court documents showed. As a result of his drug-dealing ways, Gondrez Jr. was charged with two counts of drug sales and two counts of drug possession.


Alas, he’s not the first person to get his or her spot blown up by an app. In December, six people were arrested after a Snapchat video led police to pot and other “drug objects,” and then there was the Columbia University student who was busted for allegedly selling drugs on Venmo.

Seriously, people. Not even once.


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