Man Vs. Giant Praying Mantis, in the First Trailer for Dario Argento's Dracula 3D

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Has director Dario Argento, the beautiful brain behind Suspiria, lost his touch? An unfinished sales trailer for his latest movie, Dracula 3D, is out — and it has us both horrified and excited. Horrified, because we didn't expect such flat-out cheesiness from Argento. But excited, because it has a man fighting a giant praying mantis in it. Warning: slightly NSFW, thanks to a few topless vampires.

Now to be perfectly fair, this trailer isn't finished, and neither are the FX. But if some simple FX tinkering can save this movie from the Syfy Original Movies Vault, we seriously want to invest in that magic machine. Still, we'll watch Dracula 3D, for the bug fight, no matter what.

[via Slashfilm]