MapQuest's Send to Cell Makes Mobile Mapping Slightly More Convenient

MapQuest's newest feature in their quest to maintian what's left of the public mindshare that Yahoo, Microsoft Live, and Google Maps haven't already eaten away is called "Send to Cell." You first find map a location or set of driving directions on MapQuest, then click the "Send to Cell" button and type in your phone number, and the correct link/details will get sent to your mobile. If you've got MapQuest's java app installed, the embedded link in the SMS will open up the corresponding view in your mobile. If not, you're sent to an HTML page.

In this day and age of mobile Google Maps and Windows Live Maps already on smartphones and dumbphones, only a few people would really need to plan out their directions beforehand and send them to their cellphones. One of which could be our buddy, who seems to think that just because we're sitting in front of a computer all day makes us their personal map guide.



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