Marvel Revives Squirrel Girl, Behold Her Adorable Ass-Kicking Boots

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Last July, we pondered what madness Marvel was dreaming up for Squirrel Girl after the company registered a trademark on the almighty hero. And now we know: they're bringing her back in her own comic. Excellent.

Marvel has just announced (via Entertainment Weekly) that Squirrel Girl will have her own solo comic series titled Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Set to begin this January, the new comic will be penned by writer Ryan North and artist Erica Henderson. North created the webcomic Dinosaur Comics and writes many of the Adventure Time comics, which means Squirrel has an excellent chance of being very weird—but weird in the best possible way and *ahem* a bit nutty. We think it works perfectly for a superhero who can beat up Thanos and control the minds and hearts of the world's squirrel population. Also, we love Henderson's art (here's a look at her cover and sketch as well).

According to EW, the series begins with Squirrel Girl entering college. We're so in. We're loving the new batch of female-led comics with quirky cast members and modern-day heroines.


Head over to EW for more information and an excellent variant cover by Art Adams.