Massive T-PLS Pneumatic Grappling Gun Out-Grapples Batman's

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Remember in Tim Burton's Batman when he asked Vicki Vale how much she weighed before zipping upward in that alley to escape the Joker's goons? If Batman had a T-PLS pneumatic "tactical line-throwing system" with a 7mm Kevlar line and titanium grappling hook, he could've brought Vicki, some of her friends, Robin AND a bag of Scooby snacks (did anyone else see that crossover cartoon?) along for the ride.

It is bulkier than most of Batman's gear at 19 pounds, but it'll shoot 120 feet (12 stories) straight up with up to 350 psi from its compressed air source. It's also super silent for stealth infiltrations. It's more Christian Bale's SWAT/ninja Batman than Michael Keaton's thinner, jaded Dark Knight—I could see it in the Tumbler's trunk. Side question: How far would someone fly if they got beaned in the chest with this thing? [Digital Force Tech via Crave]