Mattel JuiceBox Reviewed

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A lot of you have been pointing out the news about Mattel's new JuiceBox that's showing up today, mostly stemming from this review on the AP wire, I think. If you haven't heard about it, the Juicebox is a $70 portable video player for kids that uses a proprietary flash memory card format so that they can sell video content like cartoons and skateboarding shows and the like. Here's my take (again)—keep in mind I've only played with the JuiceBox for about 45 seconds: Buy a Game Boy Advance. It's the same price, the screen is better, you can buy most of the same cartoons in Game Boy format, and it also happens to have the largest game library in existence.

Also, I heard it say your mom is sort of loose. So yeah, skip it. (Thanks, everybody!)


REVIEW: the $70 Portable Video Player [AP]

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