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This tiny speaker system plugs into your cell phone or digital audio player, and its two channels are each driven by 1.2 watts, powered by four AA batteries that will help the li'l 5-inch sucka play back for 20 hours. The thing's relatively heavy, though, weighing more than half a pound. At first, we thought this was a speaker/case combo, but no and it is, with a zippered space behind the speakers that's just big enough for a nano-sized player.

So far, it's just available in Japan. Its $20 price might be just right for an impulse item that will let you crank out a few tunes on the run. But there are certainly highly capable speakers like this already available in the US, such as the pleasantly hot-sounding JLab Miniblaster specifically for the iPod nano. Or you could just save your money and keep that music to yourself.


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