Maxian M800 PMP: Another Korean Player, Not Cheap

As if Korean company Maxian hasn't released enough personal media players (PMP), here comes another one, the M800, which looks remarkably similar to its brandmate, the T700 that we mentioned earlier this month. This one does bring a slimmer 17mm form factor to the party, along with the 4.3-inch 480x272 LCD made by Sharp, so there's that.


If it's anything like the T700, it will play back various flavors of MPEG, and even the highly desirable codecs XviD and H.264. This one can even record TV, too. The company says it plans to launch this little player in Korea, Europe, China and Hong Kong for 400,000 Korean Won, or about $416. For that kind of money, we're wondering why someone wouldn't just get a multifunctional Sony PSP instead.

Maxian plans to launch 17mm-thick PMP [Aving]

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