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It's no secret that I occasionally frequent the golden arches, but now I've found a more reasonable excuse to partake in the greasy goodness than long term suicide. Apparently some of their happy meal toys can make a fun weekend project if you have a screwdriver and soldering iron.


One clever father hacked the iZ toy. Generally, these toys have twisting arms that generate noises when manipulated, and other desirable traits for a father who just wants his Sunday nap. So he opened the toy up, drilled out the belly and stuck an IR receiver inside. Then, he found the LED already in the toy can be easily hooked up to light up upon signal reception. But the best part was that by destroying all of his children's toys, he made whole house IR repeater to control his Tivo from any room in his Mcmansion.

Hit the jump for some sweet McHack footage of the "TiZo" receiver in action.

iZIRRepeater [via MAKE]