McLellan Jacobs Kayak 1: A Luxury Yacht For One

Globetrotting millionaires can breath a sigh of relief because now when they abandon the comforts of their monstrous yachts for a kayaking day trip, they don't have to leave the luxury or opulence behind. A company called McLellan Jacobs has crafted the Kayak 1, an over-the-top carbon fiber craft finished with teak, ash, and gold-plated brass fillings.

Pricing details for the kayak haven't been made public, presumably to only entice those who like to piss their millions away. However, looks aren't the only reason to craft a kayak from carbon fiber. Even with the brass and wood details the Kayak 1 still weighs just 36 pounds. So if you're an avid paddler with money to burn, it would make the occasional portage far less gruelling. [McLellan Jacobs via Uncrate]


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