Mecha Bot from James Cameron's Upcoming Avatar Makes Appearance at E3 Expo

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Collider has images of what is said to be a "heavy lifter" which will appear in the upcoming James Cameron sci-fi epic Avatar. It basically looks like a generic, mecha, but it's something, right?

The statue/model/robot is on display at E3 outside Ubisoft's booth for the corresponding video game which will release alongside the film. Up until now, specific details and visuals from the film have been pretty scarce.


For those unfamiliar, Avatar is a 3D film set to take place in the 22nd century. The basic premise is that humans visit a distant moon full of giant blue aliens using genetically engineered "avatars" that they mentally inhabit (I'm not making this up). Cameron says the film was inspired by all the sci-fi books he read as a child.

If anything, the movie will be interesting. For now, feast on the images, and be sure to check out more over at [Collider]