Wasilla, Alaska: Home to moose, human, and most notoriously, one Sarah Palin. Its most famous resident may be a divisive one, but I think we can all agree that Carlos Owen, backyard roboticist and aspiring mad scientist, is a hero.

We've spotlighted Owen's work before, back when he unveiled his 20-foot fire-breathing mech. As impressive and imposing as that was, I think it might be his least ambitious project. How about a hovering bike? A flying bike? With guns, potentially? And that's just what he's tinkering with in his backyard right now, according to VBS.TV, who went to visit him in his outdoor workshop.


You can sum up the whole interview, and my unabashed Carlos enthusiasm, with his closing quote:

The ones I'm dong now blow my mind, so I can't even imagine what I'll be building in 30 years.

Damn straight, guy. You are America. [Neogentronyx via VBS.TV]

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