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Today the Times is running an article with a now familiar trope: the Vista launch was a solid "meh," rather than an exuberant "wow." This kind of piece was fine before the launch when they said there was no hype. It was fine the day after the launch, when they said there were no lines. A week later, surely they have something new to offer, right, since we already knew that the launch was far from explosive? Like, you know, numbers showing how "not wow" the launch was?

Shnope. Nothing. Not a single statistic—other than the number of stores that carried Vista (39k)—is offered in the piece to back up the assertion. It does little more than rehash an article that ran five days ago. This is shoddy trend reporting through and through. We're watching you, NYT. Next time you run this piece, you better have some numbers.


Microsoft's Vista Debut Wasn't Nearly So 'Wow' [NYT]