Meet io9's Guest Bloggers

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io9 is honored to have two guest bloggers joining us for TV Ate My Brain week: Josh Friedman (left), showrunner on Sarah Connor Chronicles ; and Jesse Alexander (right), former Heroes producer and creator of forthcoming series Day One.

Here's a bit more about our guests.

Before helming Sarah Connor Chronicles, Josh Friedman wrote the screenplays for Brian DePalma's film The Black Dahlia, and for the Steven Spielberg version of War of the Worlds. Weird fact: He is also the guy responsible for starting the "Snakes on a Plane" meme frenzy on the internet, by posting about the script in his blog and suggesting the line "snakes on a motherfucking plane."


Jesse Alexander is currently working on the forthcoming NBC apocalypse show Day One, which he created. He was a co-exective producer on Heroes, Lost, and Alias.

Look for their posts starting later today!