At $35, Chomecast is a very good deal. But Mozilla thinks it can do a little better, with its own Firefox OS-based streaming stick, the $12 MatchStick.

Actually that $12 should come with a caveat—the lil dongle is now on Kickstarter, and if you sign up for one now, you can get it for just $12. Once it hits retail it will be $25—10 bucks less than Chromecast. But the unproved MatchStick is at the very early crowdfunding phase.


Anyway, the Wi-Fi dongle plugs into your HDMI port a la Chromecast or Roku Streaming Stick. Then it will let you stream games, shows, and movies from your laptop or mobile device. It's all built on the open-source Firefox OS, and Mozilla says many of the apps you see now in its app store will be available in a planned MatchStick app store.

Translation: Mozilla is promising a ton of content for not a ton of cash. From the looks of it, it works like most every streaming stick we've seen, but with a better price and on an open OS. [MatchStick via CNET]