Meet Thane Krios, Drell Assassin from Mass Effect 2

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Say hello to Thane Krios, another potential teammate in your fight for the lost. Check out his full personality profile after the jump. Seems like quite a catch, if you're into the brooding monk assassin thing.

Name: Thane Krios
Species: Drell
Gender: Male
Age: 39

A deadly assassin born of the Drell race, Thane is stoic, collected, and very spiritual. From his perspective, his body is a weapon wielded by his employers. However, he does not believe in killing indiscriminately, and kills only those whom he deems deserving. He chooses his targets based on his moral and religious beliefs, acting without mercy or hesitation.

While Thane is lethal with any firearm, he is also a powerful biotic, able to manipulate foes at will.

Thane is deep, damaged, and deadly. Employ him with discretion in Mass Effect 2 - out 01/26/10.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Drug Reference, Sexual Content, Strong Language and Violence