After streaming music nemesis Taylor Swift published an open letter to Apple on Sunday asking the company to pay artists during Apple Music’s free three month trial period, Apple quickly changed its policy to line up with Swift’s wishes. Almost TOO quickly...

Apple exec Eddy Cue told Billboard that the abrupt change went down after he read Swift’s Tumblr heartsong, but the swift (lol) timing of Apple’s turnaround made people suspicious that Swift was secretly cooperating with Apple the entire time in a brilliantly orchestrated stunt that made her look like a boss motherfucker and Apple look vaguely capable of empathy.


Pandora’s co-founder Tom Conrad got in on the conspiracy theorizing with a tweet storm outlining the nefarious plan. Conrad points out that Apple isn’t doing anything that its competitors weren’t already doing, which makes Swift’s consistently stiff hate boner for Spotify all the more puzzling:


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Image by Andrew Liszewski who is the best