Meeting Steve Jobs

I bumped into Steve Jobs in the hall a little while ago, on the way to lunch at All Things D.

He's taller than I thought he would be, and pretty tanned. Hawaii. I go to introduce myself and then think that he's probably busy and doesn't want to be mobbed. I go get some salad, think that its my job to be at least a little aggressive with these things, so I put down my plate, and I finally squeeze by the crowd to introduce myself. No banter, just wanted to say hi, I'm Brian from Gizmodo. And you made the iPod, right? (I didn't say that second part.)


Then Steve got really excited and Happy.

And he tells me that he reads the site. Actually, 3-4 times a day, since it doesn't sit still for very long. I told him that I appreciate the clicks, and that I'll keep buying iPods if he keeps clicking. It's his favorite gadget blog. It was a really, really nice moment. His face scrunched up with genuine excitement. I must have looked like one of those gals front row at a Beatles concert, as much as I tried to be "professional."

Because honestly, I thought the guy would be totally worked up about Jesus's awesome Photoshops of Steve Jobs. The man has a sense of humor.

It was an honor to have a man who is extremely focused on quality and doing things in his own way approve of our work here. Especially with all the typos I make on a daily basis. For the record, he didn't invite me over to smoke with him. But believe me, I think it's pretty cool to have met the guy.

All Things D at Giz [Gizmodo]



Did he mention me? Any mention of the email I sent? At all? Nothing? Really?

I stalked him for months, and he does not even send [cease and decist] letters anymore.

Seriously, though.. That is pretty cool, Brian. Congrats! I think I probably would have immediately gone and purchased an Apple product from just being in the same building. That is why I stay away from Apple events — I am too easily tempted by the fanboy vibe.