You thought Sharper Image died a horrid bankruptcy death and faded away into the overpriced ether, right? So wrong. Not only is the brand somehow still alive, Megan "Transformers" Fox is the new pantsless spokesperson.

The idea here, you see, is that you'll walk into a Sharper Image store, which doesn't exist anymore, so wait. You'll buy a Sharper Image product online—perhaps this motorized tie rack?—and then Megan Fox will fuck you. She wants to, because she's holding a generic tablet, you see, and there's that digital clock next to her. The Sharper Image is full of cool stuff like that digital clock. Like a CD player that also has a clock. You might say it's the "hottest electronics game in town." Can't you just tell from the way she's looking at you? That's how advertising works. Stay tuned for next week's Radio Shack ad, featuring Morgan Webb deepthroating a graphing calculator. [Jezebel]