Meizu M8 Goes on Sale to Suppliers?

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The much hyped Meizu M8 seems to have gone on sale to suppliers via Alibaba. The companies listed to be holding stock are Fujian Huaxia Trade Co., Ltd, Samsin Trade Co., Ltd and Fuzhou ZhongTianLi Trade Co among others. Update: An Adminstrator over at Meizume, the Meizu fan's forum, ensures us the M8 is not out yet. Further, it is stated in the post that the release of the M8, whenever that should be, will only be made official on the Meizume forum. Nothing is mentioned regarding the new white paint job the M8 in the above image is sporting. [Meizume]

The specifications seem to be in agreement through each distributor/manufacturer. Additionally, Samsin is listing an all white edition of the M8, which we have not seen before. Word is still out on a definite release date, but the online retailer, Elite-Electronix is listing the launch date as 03 March, this year. Whenever it does hit, we'll be sure to wet our pants in excitement/relief. [PMP Today; Elite-Electronix]