Melania Still Wants Donald to Shut Up on Twitter

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And everyone else said, perhaps for the only time, “Same, Melania.”

Last night, Melania Trump sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, sans pussy bow, to defend her husband, misshapen gourd Donald Trump. The interview touched on a number of topics, including the sexual assault allegations currently plaguing Trump’s presidential campaign, and the dastardly “left-wing media.”


But one of the more interesting bits came at the end of the segment, when Anderson asked Melania if she had given any more thought to her possible duties as First Lady.

“My passion is the same, helping children and helping women,” she responded, before launching into vague musings on how social media is “damaging for the children.”

“It has some positive effects as well, because this is the life that we live in now, but has a lot of negativity as well and I see more and more children being hurt by it,” she continued. And then Anderson, with a delightfully pointed leg-cross, asked, “Do you tell Mr. Trump to not tweet so much?”

“Yes, but it’s his decision,” Melania said. “He is an adult. He knows the consequences. I give him many advices. But sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn’t. And he will do what he wants to on the end as I would do what I want to do.”

Oh, Melania. How could your husband ever stop tweeting? He’s a walking Twitter egg!

This isn’t Melania’s first attempt at getting her husband to shut up on the slowly-shriveling social platform, however. In April, she told Today Show host Matt Lauer that she wished Donald would give up the tweeting. Yet unlike last night’s conversation, that back-and-forth wasn’t couched within a discussion about online bullying, a tactic for which her husband is well known.


Won’t somebody, anybody, think of the irony?

You can watch the whole interview below, and the tweet talk starts at the 20:45 mark:

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Didn’t Michelle Obama already say that, word for word?