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Mercedes Introduces 'Send to Car' Maps For Google and Yahoo

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Helping make sure you never get stuck on the wrong side of town with your Mercedes, the German automaker is working with Google and Yahoo to be able to send the latter two's maps and directions onto the car so you never get lost. Or at least recover when you are lost.

This way, you can plan directions before you head out (instead of spending 10 minutes punching it in while your car's running in a garage like some kind of failed suicide attempt). Plus, once you do have directions programmed into Google and Yahoo maps, you can just press the "i" button and it'll auto-fetch them. The best feature is probably having other people send you maps and directions while driving.


These are available in the S-class and CL-class starting September 5, and in all 2008 C-class cars. []