Metal Gear Solid 4 Bluetooth Headset Reviewed (Sounds Like Crap)

No wonder Solid Snake is so grouchy in Metal Gear Solid 4. Sure, the MGS4 Bluetooth headset looks like the most badass one ever, but the sound quality is apparently horrible—like you've been kidnapped and gagged with Liquid Ocelot's underwear. How are you supposed to banter with Roy Campbell while ducking exclamation points if he can't understand you? I think this officially ruins our Friday. =( [Gadget Madness via PS3Fanboy via Kotaku]


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It's always comforting to know, however, that Snake will not be sporting a BT headset bearing the words Metal Gear Solid on it, but rather one that can double as a door-opening micro incendiary device if the occasion calls for it.