Mi Flower, The Flower-Shaped Speaker That Dances to The Music

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Brush up on botany and rock music with the Mi-Flower, an interactive speaker in the shape of a flower that feeds on music, so to speak. Plugging in an MP3 player (or other external audio source, presumably) generates one of many responses from the flower. Should you plug in mellow music, it comes to life very gently, swaying back and forth like a cool summer breeze. (Work with me here, people.) On the other hand, play a little "Rock of Ages" and it evokes an "energetic response." Completely useless, but completely "d00d that rocks" all at the same time. She's imported from the UK, so expect to pay a Stamp Act-level outrageous price—around $40. Guaranteed to not cause nightmares.


Product Page [Firebox.com via Fareastgizmos.com]

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Didn't they have these back in the 90s (or was it 80s), but you didn't need to plug anything in. Dancing Flowers or Rockin' Flowers or some such thing?