MI6 Hacked Al Qaeda Website, Swapping Bomb Recipes With Cupcake Recipes

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Just imagine the look of surprise on an al Qaeda member's face when they thought they were loading a tutorial on how to "make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom" but actually got...a recipe for mojito cupcakes.

Famed British intelligence agency MI6 hacked the first English-language Jihadist online magazine, Inspire, last year but their cheeky content-swapping mission has only just been made public now. And thank goodness.

As the story goes, they swapped potentially-destructive bomb-making tutorials with jumbled-up code for the Ellen DeGeneres talkshow website, which contained cupcake recipes from Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson, Ohio. Recipes for delicious-sounding mojito and rocky road cupcakes, which contained the caveat "warning: sugar rush ahead!" Uh-oh—watch out for that dangerous sugar rush, terrorists!


Spanning 67 pages, the CIA described Inspire by saying that "the packaging of this magazine may be slick, but the contents are as vile as the authors." Initially containing articles by Osama bin Laden and his crew, along with the tantalizing read "what to expect in Jihad," the first issue was sabotaged but that reportedly didn't stop a reissue from being published a fortnight later, along with four more issues.

While it was the British that engaged in cyber-warfare with Inspire, reportedly the CIA was also interested in blocking the magazine—but decided against taking action, as it would have stopped one of their sources of information, and not only expose their tactics and sources.

Read by al Qaeda supporters in the Arabian Peninsula, it's unknown whether any of them actually tried making the mojito cupcakes in the hopes baking powder when mixed with caster sugar provided the big bang they were looking for. [The Telegraph and The Guardian via London Baking]

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It's funny till they figure out how to make exploding cupcakes.