Michael Caine explains the multiverse using glowing musical balls

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to explain alternate universes - preferably with glowy spheres that make musical notes when touched? This clip of Michael Caine as Mr. Destiny is the answer to your prayers!


In Mr. Destiny, James Belushi is Larry Burrows, an ordinary shmoe stuck in a dead-end job, married to Linda Hamilton. And his best friend is Jon Lovitz, which does seem like a bad situation to be in. It's all because he failed to hit one fastball during a crucial baseball game in 1970, thus depriving him of the chance to become a sports hero and marry the homecoming queen (Rene Russo) and become a big business guy.

Until Larry meets Mike aka Mr. Destiny (Michael Caine, during that long phase of his career where he would do literally anything for money.) Mr. Destiny is posing as a bartender at the Universe bar, and he mixes Larry a special drink out of a bunch of liqueurs, called the Spilled Milk — the one drink you never cry over. Wha huh? As soon as Larry drinks Mike's white liquid, his whole world changes. Suddenly he's married to Rene Russo instead of Linda Hamilton, and he never has to talk to Jon Lovitz again.

The other best scene in the movie is where Larry goes to his new office. Now that he's made the crucial home run and won the baseball game in 1970, he's suddenly a big business executive. And his office is a super-high-tech automated thing, with lots of chrome and buttons. And as soon as he sits in his office chair, the whole thing comes to life and starts chattering at him. "The office is wired to my ass!" Larry marvels. Indeed.

This is just the beginning of James Belushi week here in Found Footage land. Check back later in the week for more of James Belushi's strange excursions into the fantastical... and the uncanny!


Chris Braak

"The long phase of his career when he'd do literally anything for money"? What, you mean the whole thing? When did Michael Caine STOP doing anything for money?