Micro Master HG3 R/C Mini-Copter Features Proximity Sensors

Japanese toy maker Taiyo Corp has unveiled an R/C mini-chopper fitted with a proximity sensor that forces the device to descend when it hovers too close to the ceiling. A feature like that makes sense for novice users, and it appears to have 3-channel control, but beginners probably have more to worry about than just the ceiling when flying indoors. Plus, 30-60 minutes of charge time is going to earn you 5 minutes of use, so it may be difficult to justify spending $92 on it. [Taiyo via CrunchGear via Dvice]


The ceiling isn't really an issue. You more often hit walls and furniture. And if you hit the ceiling, you can usually recover because it just bounces down. I highly recommend the Blade CX2. A great indoor heli and easy to learn. Serious money though ($189, not a toy). But cheap replacement parts for almost every piece of the thing. Check out videos on YouTube.