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Microsoft 360-Degree Conferencing Cam Gets Prettier, Officialized

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A couple months ago we saw the Microsoft Ringcam, which was essentially a prototype version of this model, the Microsoft RoundTable. Along with this fancy device, Microsoft also unveiled a new business plank that is focused on the development of communication software and VoIP services.


The Microsoft RoundTable will sit in the middle of a conference table and give a 360-degree panoramic view of everyone involved. It also includes features to have documents and even PowerPoint slides integrated into the streaming video on the other end. It uses VoIP technologies and has included microphones. This is still a prototype, but at least it looks a hell of a lot better than their previous RingCam model. Sure conference calls are fun and all, but how about some good old fashion porno? This camera would work great!

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